Family to New York’s Department of Corrections: Reinstate The Family Reunion Program; It Can Be Done Safely

A letter from T.W., an AFJ family member:

For many families of incarcerated people, the Department of Correction and Community Supervision (DOCCS) Family Reunion Program (FRP) is the only way to actually spend time with our loved ones and feel some type of ”normal”. You are able to do activities together such as cook, watch movies, walk outside and have a closer experience. For the incarcerated person, it provides a positive mind set and something to look forward to, as well as promoting better behavior patterns.

These are reasons why it is very disturbing that, while City guidelines are starting to move into opening phases, DOCCS is waiting until an unknown date to allow visits of any kind. Like so many family members, FRP is something that I hold close to my heart and is the only normalcy I can experience with my husband. Having this program delayed and monitored on a case to case basis is unacceptable.

The same way the City is using reopening guidelines should be the same way DOCCS implements guidelines for the Family Reunion Program. So many people look forward to FRP to create memorable times that we can’t enjoy in our daily lives. Please join with organizations such as Alliance of Families for Justice to help us make a change.



Alliance of Families for Justice

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